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What Is Job Link Café.ca?

It used to be so easy.  Employers would post an ad in the Help Wanted section of the local newspaper.  Candidates would telephone, mail in a resume or visit in person and a decision would be quickly made.  Technology has changed everything.

Job Link Cafe - Where Employers Meet Talent

Job Link Café.ca is an online job board bringing back the personal touch to the job hunt.   While the unemployment rate is low that doesn’t mean the job search has stopped.  It just means that Employers and Recruiters have to work a harder to find the best candidates.

That’s where Job Link Café.ca can help.  Our real live Career Baristas blend technology with the human element to serve up connections for both Employers and Job Seekers.  We focus on being sure that job postings and resumes aren’t mixed in with millions or billions all over the world.  Never miss an opportunity to meet your ideal candidate or be interviewed when robotic Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) block a resume.  Enjoy working with a local service managed by real people.

How Does It Help Employers?

Employers can post jobs and enjoy browsing resumes that are simpler-to-scan and not so text heavy.  Employers can also work directly with Job Link Café.ca to share what skills, experience and right fit they’re looking for in a candidate and receive reports with suggested job seekers.   Maybe even more importantly with social media being so prevalent, we are developing a group of followers on Facebook and the numbers are growing quickly.  And we personally respond back to job seekers to help them find a job and ensure that they know the best way to apply for your posting.

How Does It Help Job Seekers?

Job Seekers create a 1-page Power Resume (one or more) on the site using the form provided, choose to be anonymous or not (just in case the boss or HR manager is watching!) and receive suggested jobs from the Cafe.  A shorter resume helps initiate a connection faster while you update your traditional resume.  Even better, if you are someone who is looking for a freelance side gig, you can create an online Resume just for that so that it is apart from your more formal resume.

What does it Cost?

For Job Seekers it’s FREE to view Jobs and create one or more easy online 1-page Power Resume.  Plus, you control when your Resumes are view-able or hidden.  For employers it’s only $59.00 plus HST for Employers and Recruiters to post a Job for 30 days and to browse Resumes (that Job Posters have decided to share).  Job Postings for Non-Profit organizations is free.  Job Posters can benefit from a posting that is promoted via social media and when a Job Seeker applies, their resume will be re-directed to the Employer personally – not by a bot.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Visit joblinkcafe.ca to create your Free Account by clicking the Login/Register link (top right)
  2. Choose I am a Job Seeker, I am an Employer or a Recruiter
  3. Enter your User Name, Email and Password
  4. Click I accept the terms & conditions (please read too!)
  5. Click the Create an Account button
  6. If you are a Job Seeker, click the Resumes folder tab, Add Resume and when done chose to Show (by default it will be private)
  7. If you are an Employer, click the Submit a Job button

Can I Advertise?

Absolutely.  Job Link Café wants to help your business grow by promoting your services, sales and promotions.  Plus, we’re blasting on social media to get the word out about the many great employers and talented job seekers active in South Western Ontario.  Contact scott@joblinkcafe.ca for advertising details and click here to download our Advertising Rate page.

Anything Else?

Yes.  The Job Link Café also wants to share with job seekers and the community more about what Employers are looking for today and in the near future.  We will post in our Blog and social media jobs available now and ones coming up soon, sharing with job seekers in-demand skills they may wish to acquire.

Have a Question – Get An Answer!

We want to hear from you and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly!  Send us an email at info@joblinkcafe.ca or visit our Contact page on the site.  You can also directly email scott@joblinkcafe.ca or call at 519.933.6662 and gloria@joblinkcafe.ca or call at 519.200.2962.  If you would like to chat, just let us know and one of our Career Baristas will be right back in touch.

Many thanks for visiting.

Gloria & Scott Smith at the Job Link Cafe – London, Ontario Canada

scott@joblinkcafe.ca – or call at 519.933.6662

gloria@joblinkcafe.ca or call at 519.200.2962


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