Where Employers Meet Talent

It does feel like everything in our world completely changed over night.  But the truth is that not everything changed.  Our basic needs like food, water, shelter and clothing continue as always and our wishful needs like entertainment, faith, arts and crafts have maybe even increased.  Layered on top of this truth is that the way in which we work must be altered to accommodate this new future and that means is both a shift in the job market and the way in which we work.

Gone are the days of squeezing people into rat-maze like offices, shopping malls packed with people pushing carts, shoulder to shoulder arena seating arrangements, buffet line feeding and beaches with sardine packed sun bathers.  And though it seems a bit it sad, it is the way of the world – everything is always changing.

So what’s next for job seekers is that work opportunities that can fill our basic needs, our wishful needs, and both will be the next wave.  Basis Needs Jobs will increase in Food Preparation, Delivery and Warehousing.  Wishful Needs Jobs will increase in Education and Entertainment.  And for both Basic and Wishful Needs Jobs will increase in Manufacturing, Technology and Financial Services to make sure that both types of jobs will have the foundations and tools required to fulfill all of our needs.

Where Employers Meet Talent

In October 2018. Job Link Cafe had a mission in mind.  We knew that online job boards had been around for about 28 years or so but we also knew that many of them, especially the large ones, were becoming one very large, globally-run, job board.  And we understood how that naturally came about but we also wondered if maybe there was still some value that could come from continuing a smaller, more locally-oriented, online job board.

The idea was to offer an alternative, make it possible for job seekers and employers to not have to compete on a global level while also creating a blend of technology with the human element to “serve up” connections (forgive the pun) for both Employers and Job Seekers.  Technology is great, and I can personally attest to this having been a successful techie myself for more than 30 years, but I’ve also experienced first hand just how tough it can be to make that initial connection when the process is so highly weighted on the now traditional machine-driven methods.

So, we created the site, started posting like crazy on Facebook and somewhat on LinkedIn, but where we really started to see more traction was when we could connect with an Employer directly either by email or phone or when someone passed our name along to someone else.  Then, sad to say, that our small business took a turn at the end of 2019 after a fall resulting in a badly broken arm (not me but Scott).  So to those of you who were with us, following us daily and wondering what happened, we sincerely apologize for not updating you sooner and hope that you will understand.

But now, on April 17th, 2020, after adjusting to our own changes in managing a small business and now also spending a stay-at-home month seeing how quickly everyone in our community has been affected, we would like to re-launch Job Link Cafe as our effort to support not only our previous followers but to also use our platform as hopefully as way to help our local Employers and Job Seekers.

Here’s our current offering.

For Job Seekers:

Creating an Account and an online Resume is still FREE and highly encouraged.  You can skip the paper based resume all together, know that Employers will be able to see you, and if you wish to share your resume, you can just send a link.  When you do have time and a need for a regular resume, let me know and I will help you out creating a professional and proven resume that will get you that interview.

For Employers:

Creating an Account and posting of a Job, is now FREE!  And for Employers who do post jobs, we will also create a blog posting about your company, about the type of roles you are looking to fill now and in the future, plus what added skills you may be looking for to help job seekers know what new courses to steer towards.

We will also continue to offer online advertising too but at the very affordable and low rate of $139.00 per month plus, we will provide help in creating your Ad too if needed (included in the cost).

For Both Job Seekers and Employers:

We will continue to monitor our postings and actively seek to help create job connections between employers and job seekers while also working to find new and creative ways to help all of us adapt to the recent changes that are re-designing how we seek employment and secure workers.  We can do this!