How is Job Link Café different? 

We are dedicated to equally helping Employers or Recruiters and Job Seekers make a connection.  Although we do use technology, we also highly value the importance of the personal touch.

As an Employer, how do I View Resumes?

Click the Browse Resumes link.

As an Employer, how do I Post a Job?

First, create your free account.  Then, just click the Submit Job button.  Fill-out the short form.  Make sure you add your location as City and Province otherwise your posting will set the location as “Anywhere” which is okay too if it applies.  And since our link to PayPal is under construction, just stop at the pay part and know that we will contact you regarding payment.

I have questions or I am stuck, can I speak to someone?

Yes.  Just send us a quick contact email letting us know the best way to contact you and when, and we will get right back to you by phone or email.

I’m super busy.  Do you help with Job Postings?

Yes.  We are always happy to help Post Jobs for you!  Just let us know what works best for you.

Can a Job Posting be featured at the top of the Jobs Page?

Yes.  Just let us know that would like to highlight your job posting.

I don’t see the Job Category I need?

Just let us know and we will be happy to add it to our category list.

If I choose to Message a Job Seeker, will the email come directly from me?

No.  The job seeker will receive an email from Job Link Cafe.ca showing them your Name, Email and your short message so that they can then choose to contact you on their own or not.  If you want their formal resume, please be sure to include that in your note.  If the Job Seeker has chosen to display their email, you may wish to email them directly.

How does the shorter, 1-page resume help?

It’s a faster read and more job-focused versus a lengthy all-encompassing document that makes it easier to determine which candidates are best for an interview.  Then, the larger, more detailed traditional resume can be requested from the job seeker.  For the Job Seeker it means being able to have more than one quick page that’s job specific.  It can quickly be created and edited as you need making sure that you are visible to an Employer when they are searching while you are updating your resume and cover letter to match a new posting.  It also provides Employers, HR Managers and Recruiters less intensive reading so they can find potential candidates quicker too.

What if I want to pay by invoice?

Yes, absolutely.  Just let us know and we will be happy to send you an invoice.  When you get to the Pay folder when submitting a job, just ignore it and instead Contact Us.

Can a Job Seeker have more than one Resume?

Yes.  Creating a shorter resume means you can quickly customize them to be job and employer focused.  Also useful when you may be looking for a side-gig in addition to your regular job.  One resume for regular, day job and another for a part-time job.

If I create a Job Link 1-Pager Power Resume, will it automatically be visible to Employers?

Yes.  We had originally thought we would make them only visible to Employers who have created an account but that seemed less helpful to the Job Seeker.  So, as of January 2019, resumes can be browsed but the Job Seeker controls whether their resume is shown or not.

Do I upload my regular, traditional Resume too?

No.  We believe that the traditional Resume transaction or sharing should be between you and a potential Employer.  Our 1-pager resume is intended to make the search faster and easier for employers and after all, the purpose of the resume is to get the interview and not the job.

I need help creating your updating my regular Resume – can you help?

Absolutely.  We have been helping job seekers create Resumes for 25 years and we work to stay on top of what’s current about resume writing too.  Email gloria@joblinkcafe.ca or call Gloria at 519.200.2962.

Can anyone view my online Resume if I choose to not hide it?

Yes.  If you choose to show your Resume, all visitors to the Job Link Cafe.ca will viewable.

How does the anonymous Resume work?

Your contact information is not viewable by default.  When you create your Profile, you can also choose to display a nickname and leave your contact details blank.  It really is up to you.  For an employer who is interested, they can choose to make contact and will need to enter their name, email and a message.  This will create an email to you that will arrive from the Job Link Cafe email address.  You can choose if you wish to respond or not.  If you have added your email address in your portfolio, an Employer may use it to email you on their own.

When I created my Account, I was asked for an email.  Does this turn up on my Resume?

No.  We need your email so that we can stay in touch with you and we respect that.  When you create a Resume, you can choose to add an email or not.

Where is the data that you do collect from my account and 1-page Resume stored?

The data you supply is securely stored in Burlington, Ontario Canada and not on an off-shore server.  This is also important because the privacy laws that protect us in Ontario, do not apply anywhere else in the world.

What is a “Tag?”

A tag is the same as a keyword used for searching and filtering.  To add tags, enter single words separated by a comma press the Enter key after each entry.  It is a really good idea to add tags.

Are you a recruiting firm?

No, we help employers and employees connect and do not receive a percentage of the employee’s payment or restrict job seekers from obtaining a more permanent role with the Employer by charging a fee.  Landing a job via Job Link Cafe.ca will not have any negative affect on your future career!

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