We are now also promoting your Company’s Career Page! 

Post your Jobs and let Job Seekers find your dedicated job opportunity space.

As we monitor shifts in the employment industry we notice that more companies are shifting over to utilizing a Career Page on their websites to attract talent.  The problem is, most applicants don’t know they exist or may not have the luxury of time to search for them.

Then, for the organizations with largest number of employees and resources, they often also use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which uses robots to eliminate approximately 70% of all resumes before they are ever seen!  That means there is a very good chance that you as an employer are regularly missing out connecting with ideal prospects and job seekers are never finding out that you even exist.

So in addition to Posting Jobs and Resumes, Job Link Cafe will also post details about your Career Page on our dedicated to Company Careers Page space.  It will include a link back to your Career Page and can optionally be a space where you can announce to Job Seekers that you are hiring now, or in the future, and what your plans are for expanding.  To post your Career Page or find out more, contact

Large Job Board’s Problems:

  • Posts are single and disappear quickly
  • Data is collected and sold not just from your post but from resumes
  • Posts stay live even if they’ve been filled unless you take the time to remove them
  • Your Posts are mingled with millions of others, some of which aren’t legit
  • If an applicant’s category request doesn’t exactly match your job title, they won’t see it

How Does This Help Employers?

  • No ATS/middle person; applicants come directly to you because they are sure you are looking
  • One post can advertise many if not 100’s of open positions at once
  • Through our daily Media blasts we reach 1000’s across Canada & the USA
  • Applicants are becoming more transitory and will move for the right opportunity
  • Changes are automatic when your Career Page is updated internally
  • Our posts are shared extensively to recipient’s friends who are job searching
  • 1 fee/month/Career Page regardless of the number of positions contained in it
  • Inclusion of your Logo and Company description plus what your plans are

How Does This Help Applicants?

  • First, they can find out about you in the first place
  • They can screen your entire Career Page, bookmark and re-visit
  • There may be an opportunity of interest they hadn’t considered
  • If they are in training, they will know to return once training is completed
  • If you offer positions in multiple locations they may be wishing to re-locate
  • They don’t have to be category specific when searching your Career Page
  • They know their Resume data is secure so they may be more likely to share
  • They can view multiple opportunities in 1 visit

While we continue to list individual new opportunities daily our plan is to also transition to promoting local Career Pages heavily, letting Job Seekers know about their existence.   Click here to see and test our vision in action.

Email with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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